Tyler Emond is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer,

who has worked with a broad array of acts found in Canada and

around the globe.


A resident of Toronto, Canada, one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, Tyler has been performing in genres that run the gamut of Pop/Rock, Classical Arabic, Afro Maqam, Ethiopian Dance and Jazz, Baroque, Flamenco, Balkan folk, Free Improv, American Jazz, Musical Theatre, Blues, Soul/RnB, Singer Songwriters and many many more.


He has toured all over the world with various artists including shows in Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Japan, Scotland, Mexico, Jamaica, USA and Canada.


A devout student of music, Tyler graduated from the Humber music program with their highest distinction, the Oscar Peterson Prize. He then went on to study a classical composition masters at York University. While doing so he was also studying Viola De Gamba with renowned Baroque music educator Joelle Morton.

He has since been commissioned to write chamber pieces, string arrangements,

and big band charts for Jazz artist Dave Douglas, platinum selling pop singer Tyler Shaw, and Toronto new music institution Spectrum Music.


A player of many instruments, Tyler’s main love is for the Double-Bass. He is also one of the rare examples of a Double-Bassist who tunes his instrument in 5ths. Tyler is often seen playing Electric Bass, lead Electric Guitar, Synthesizers, and running Abelton tracks for pop artists. He has even created some of his own instruments to meet his needs including an 8 string octo-mando bass, 12 string baritone fretless guitar, and electric mandola. In addition to these inventions, Tyler also plays Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Viola De Gamba, Drums, and Classical Percussion. 


When not performing with Canada’s top pop acts, you can catch Tyler playing the music of various Arabic countries. As a senior member of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra, he has had the opportunity to share the stage with numerous influential musicians from the Middle-East, including Naseer Shamma, Charbel Rouhana, and Dala Abu Amneh. These types of music include 10/16 Georgina rhythms from Iraq, 6/8 afro grooves from Algeria, Turkish odd meters, and the Arabic Maqam with it’s use of quarter tones and half flats.



Some of the artists Tyler has performed and/or recorded with include:


Alessia Cara

Tyler Shaw

Leif Vollebekk

M-1 (of Dead Prez)

Matt Dusk


Randy Brecker

Sean Jones

Mr. Something Something

Naseer Shamma

Charbel Rouhana

Dala Abu Amneh

Michelle Willis

Netsanet Melesse

Fantahun Shewankochew

Canadian Arabic Orchestra 

KC Roberts and the Live Revolution

Selcuk Suna

Jackie Richardson 


Jadea Kelly

Melanie Brûlée

Duane Forrest

Fethi Nadjem

Ahmed Moneka

Adam Niewood

Ivan Mazuze

Larnell Lewis


Beyond the Pale

Tamar Ilana & Ventanas