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Another saucy Tennis Partner single for all you saucy listeners.

Copy Of A Copy

streaming right here

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New Tennis Partner coming down the pipe.

This be the first single

Hello Void

All your fav streamers right here

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First single from the one and only Ahmed Moneka, Aman.

Produced/Engineered/Mixed by the second and only me.

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I'm beyond happy to have been involved in this incredible film about opera singer Elliot Madore.

Music written by Dinuk Wijeratne. Performed by Elliot Madore, Dinuk Wijeratne, Nick Halley, and myself.

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I had a joyful time producing, engineering, and mixing the sophomore album from KUNE

Wet your whistle with the first single, Sarena


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First single/video from Melissa Lauren is out there. Quite excited, happy, and happily excited for this album where I was fortunate to Produce, Mix, and play far too many instruments.


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Brand new single from Hush is out and all over the place. Check it the video below and gently let Land Waves take over your life.

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Wrote and recorded the string arrangement on this new smashing ballad from

Tyler Shaw.

How can you not love a guy with a name like that?!

Featuring the talents of Jessica Deutsch on Violin/Viola & myself on Bass


I had the pleasure of composing the musical score for a very cool documentary about foley artists. If you're wondering what foley artists are, this may be for you! Directed by acclaimed cinematographer Jeremy Benning (The Expanse, The Boys), this is a great look into how movies are made. Enjoy the trailer below! 


A most excellent new EP from Alessia Cara is now out, and I'm happy to say that I play Double-Bass all over the thing (and a wee bit of bass ukulele).


Check out This Sumer: Live Off The Floor



Great news even! I've just released a new Tennis Partner EP entitled

Free Clothes and Life Cycles.

It's full of wonderous sounds and trips through outer space. Which we all need more of.

It features the immense talents of Anna Atkinson, Jessica Deutsch, and Jeff Halischuk.


Available now on 

  • Bandcamp
  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Google Play

Tennis Partner is my labour of/or love. My long lost brother. A favourite . . . child?

A place to explore the world of production beyond radio friendly songs.

Somewhere you can find inconceivable sounds and bring them back to your normal life.

Something I like to share with you.


But enough about me, here's some more about me:

Tyler Emond is a multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, and mix engineer based out of Toronto. Playing many roles both as a sideman and musical director, he also is the driving force behind two art-pop groups, Hush & Tennis Partner.

Best known for his captivating and creative approach to playing bass, Emond can be seen donning lead guitar, synthesizers, mandolin, viola da gamba, drums, and a variety of strange homemade instruments (fretless baritone 12 string guitar anyone?).
This has lead Emond to performing and recording world wide with acts that range from Grammy winning pop artists, to North African Arabic musicians, avant-garde chamber opera, indie-rock bands and whatever else comes his way.

In addition to composing music for three of his own albums, film, and television, Emond has been commissioned to write classical and jazz arrangements for Dave Douglas, Spectrum Music Series, Tyler Shaw, and the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tyler is a verrrrrry passionate music producer and constantly exploring the depths of recording possibilities. While working with artists and their songs he strives to bring out the absolute best in both performance and sound. Influenced by the timeless records he grew up listening to, Emond believes in capturing a genuine moment in time and throwing caution to the wind when experimenting with those moments.

Some of the artists Tyler Emond has performed and recorded with

Alessia Cara
Tyler Shaw
Leif Vollebekk
Dead Prez


Matt Dusk


Randy Brecker

Ahmed Moneka

Against The Grain Theatre

Measha Brueggergosman

Elliot Madore

Tennis Partner

Sean Jones

Mr. Something Something
Naseer Shamma
Charbel Rouhana
Dala Abu Amneh
Michelle Willis
Netsanet Melesse

Canadian Arabic Orchestra
KC Roberts and the Live Revolution

Jackie Richardson 

Jadea Kelly
Melanie Brûlée

Fethi Nadjem

Dinuk Wijeratne

Beyond the Pale


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